Getting Around Effortlessly at Pines Ridge

Navigating from point A to point B becomes the least of your worries when residing at Pines Ridge. With an array of transportation options available, such as major highways and public transit, commuting to your desired destinations is effortless. Keep reading to delve into the transportation choices offered in the city of Pickering.


Major Roadways and Highways

Local Roads

One of the prominent roads running through the city of Pickering is Kingston Road. Whether you’re headed for the grocery store or a visit to Pickering Town Centre, this road links you to major arteries within Pickering, ensuring a straightforward drive to neighbouring cities within the Durham region or towards Scarborough.



Living at Pines Ridge provides you with convenient access to an assortment of local highways, whether you’re planning a day trip throughout the GTA or an excursion to the west or east this summer. Highway 401 stretches westbound to Windsor, ON and eastbound to Québec. Additionally, Highway 412 is just minutes away from Pines Ridge and provides effortless connectivity to Highway 407 from Highway 401. The local toll Highway 407 spans from Burlington to Oshawa, offering quicker and more efficient travel throughout the GTA compared to other major routes.


Public Transportation

Commuter-Friendly Pickering

For those who prefer to avoid driving and traffic, Pickering’s local transit systems provide seamless mobility. The city of Pickering is well-equipped with a multitude of transit options. Whether you’re traveling within the Durham Region or commuting to different areas of the Greater Toronto Area, the bus and train services by Durham Region Transit and GO Transit have you covered.


Durham Regional Transit

Within a short walk from Pines Ridge, you can access various Durham Regional Transit buses to travel across Pickering. Whether you’re bound for Scarborough, Oshawa, or within Pickering itself, buses such as the 920, 900, 917, and 103 are available at your local bus stop to reach your destination.


Beyond Durham

Should you be venturing outside the Durham region, you can easily catch any of these eastbound DRT buses that will drop you off at the Pickering Parkway Terminal, offering convenient access to Pickering GO Station through a pedestrian bridge.


GO Transit

Whether you opt for Durham Region Transit or carpooling to your nearest GO Station, residing at Pines Ridge ensures stress-free travel across the Greater Toronto Area. With Rouge Hill GO and Pickering GO in proximity, swift and convenient trips to Toronto or other cities such as Mississauga or Hamilton are easily attainable.






As both Rouge Hill GO and Pickering GO stations are on the Lakeshore line, you can travel as far as Hamilton GO to Oshawa GO with a single fare. From Pickering or Rouge Hill GO, you can also access connecting trains from Union Station, allowing you to reach any destination within the Greater Toronto Area.


Airport Travel

If you’re planning a trip and wish to leave your car behind, taking the GO Train to Union Station makes airport travel hassle-free. From Union Station, simply board the UP Express to reach Lester B. Pearson International Airport (YYZ) or utilize the shuttle bus from Union Station to reach Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ).


Navigating with Confidence

Uncertain about the best route for your next commute? Triplinx is an excellent tool to help you determine the most suitable connecting routes for reaching your destination across the Greater Toronto Area.


Average Commute Times

Union Station


Billy Bishop Airport

Lester B. Pearson International Airport


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At Pines Ridge, commuting becomes an afterthought, and traveling from place to place is effortlessly integrated into your lifestyle. With an array of transportation choices, including well-connected highways and efficient public transit systems, commuting from point A to point B becomes a seamless and hassle-free experience. Thinking of moving to Pickering? Register for Pines Ridge today for more information!


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